With custom embroidery, your design is sewed onto your chosen garment using a needle and thread. MY DOPE TEE uses world-standard isacord threads and the best embroidery machines available (Tajima brand, made in Japan) to embroider hats, custom hoodies, golf shirts, customized jackets and more.

With custom embroidery, a backing is put on the inner portion of the garment to keep the stitches together and ensure the design does not unravel. The backings are extremely durable and meant to last the test of time.

Embroidery is a fully automated process where the machines read a digitized pattern from a file and reproduces the pattern.

Digitizing is a process whereby your artwork is converted into digital data by plotting the points of the design.

Some custom logos will have to be simplified to achieve the best embroidery results for your custom clothing. The cost of embroidery varies based on the number of stitches in a logo. The larger and more detailed the logo, the higher the stitch count will be.

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